You Must Do The Thing You Think You Cannot Do.

Elenore Roosevelt

Life is what you make it.

Elenore Roosevelt


In 2016, Shawna’s corporate career and her life came to an abrupt halt with her diagnosis of cervical cancer. Utilizing the skills she honed over the many years of mentoring her peers, Shawna successfully navigated the trials and opportunities of post-surgery, post-treatment life and began the task of rebuilding herself.

This amazing opportunity gave Shawna the time to evaluate and decide that ‘Being Shatterproof’ was the ONLY way to be and that’s when The Shatterproof Society, LLC and more specifically her signature program, Valorite Advantage, was born.

Shawna combines her vast knowledge and expertise of emotional intelligence and sustainable confidence building with eastern energy healing utilizing her own pivot from corporate exec to entrepreneur in starting her own business.

Shawna is THRILLED to help driven Online Digital Leaders through developing unfiltered emotional self-awareness so that they can build unbreakable confidence; to successfully navigate online challenges and seize opportunities that transform their businesses and their lives.

Shawna currently lives in North Carolina with her husband of nearly 25 years and their fluffy fur-babies. When she’s not working on her business, Shawna loves sacred dance meditation, hanging out at the lake on the jet-ski and exploring the many ways energy moves through the Universe.

"Happiness is what happens when you choose to be happy in life"

My grandma used to tell me this when I was younger but I didn't understand what it meant until many years later.

My grandma was a very wise woman. She knew I would need this bit of wisdom one day.

I was raised in an environment that wasn't all that good. My grandma did the best she could with what she had as the sole provider with more bills than income.

 I was struggling in college when some of my grandma's wise words begin to float around in my mind.

Choose to be different.
Choose to break the cycle.
Choose to grow, to evolve, to blaze a new path.
Choose to be HAPPY.
Choose this by making a plan and stick to it no matter what.

 By the time I was married and my first child was born I was well on my way to my chosen life. A life that was completely different than anything I witnessed growing up.
Then, at age 3, my precious child was diagnosed with Autism and my life plan abruptly came to a fork in the road.

A major life transition.

 Left fork, continue on the previous path by placing my baby into the institution because non-verbal children usually never advance beyond their current mental state...
Right fork, blaze a new trail in caring for a child with special needs, shifting priorities and lifestyle to adapt to this new path.

With the aid of my husband, we forged a new direction into the unknown world of autism programs and a multitude of doctors visits, 2am meltdowns and what is wrong with this shirt??

It was a daily conscious choice. A daily decision based on what I wanted my future to look like. A daily conscious choice to live in happiness.

It was in 1998 when I learned about emotional intelligence theory and eastern energy healing theory from one of the nurses at my child's doctors office. That super awesome lady changed my life. I began to use emotional intelligence theory, life coaching techniques, and eastern energy healing skills to help my child navigate their world.

These skills were much needed over the years while working with my special needs child. The results have been beyond what the doctors predicted all those years ago.

Where once was a non-responsive, combative, locked inside their own mind child is now a fine young adult who is a voracious reader, a high school graduate, someone who can work full-time and is mostly able to take care of themself. WooHoo!

Take that, naysayer doctors!

 Since then, I have educated myself on many different alternative techniques and philosophies for effectively coaching someone through major mindset shifts of going from an overwhelmed stressed out lifestyle to one filled with joyful relaxation and true happiness.

I became a healer out of necessity for my child, however, I realized I held a strong passion to help others with their chaos to calm lifestyle transitions and healing.

xoxoxo, Shawna

The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.


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